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  2010.08.14  17.38

First post from my Android phone.

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  2007.12.22  16.08

Photo 3
Originally uploaded by Shawboy.

Along with my laptop, I've got a lap cat.


  2007.09.05  23.37

Recently replaced my HD in my Mac with a faster\bigger one and a much needed system reload. It's working pretty nicely right now. Much happier.

And for the dog lovers...


  2007.06.24  11.15
Null Seatting?

null seating
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Nerd humor.


  2007.05.24  08.18
New shades...

Originally uploaded by Shawboy.

I got my eyes dilated for the first time yesterday. :)


  2006.11.08  10.59

Happy Birthday merny25!!!


  2006.11.03  17.56

Mythbusters: Do girls fart?


  2006.11.01  22.14

"The only thing wrong with being an atheist is you have no one to talk to when you have an orgasm."

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  2006.10.19  02.42

Good speech\commentary about the Military Commissions Act of 2006.


  2006.10.17  02.42

HAPPY BIRTHDAY itchy_sweater!!!


  2006.09.04  00.39

Oh my God! If true, the Croc guy is dead!


  2006.08.17  12.50

Also, found this interesting. If you're looking for something to help with weight loss.


  2006.08.06  12.15

This is pretty disturbing. Long, but a good read on the asshole behind "Girls Gone Wild".


  2006.07.17  18.07

Why wasn't this video shown when Al Gore was campaigning!


  2006.07.07  16.50

KJ and Sharon had their baby!!! Hooray!

Little boy. Logan. Not sure on the weight yet.


  2006.06.19  10.13

PS. I SOOOO want to install Firefox on Tony's machine. Browsing the web on IE without tabs SUCKS ASS!!!


  2006.05.18  12.44

SEE!!! It's not just me that thinks this way about Seattle drivers!!!


  2006.04.13  21.52

Suggest a band I should listen too.


  2006.03.23  18.42

My sink just puked foam! WTF?


  2006.03.19  15.46

Ah yes. Nothing gets one back up on their feet like a box of Girl Scout cookies.


  2006.02.25  20.18

RIP Don Knotts


  2006.02.25  07.34

Oh, I know I'll have friends that will be excited to see this.

For those that don't feel like clicking on the link, they're making a sequel to "The Dark Crystal".


  2006.02.24  07.38

Before you're the God of Angst, you have to do 80's cover songs.

Ah. But, I still love that man... :)


  2006.02.21  22.09

This is really interesting...


  2006.01.25  06.11

Good future lawyers?

You gotta love the founding fathers. Years ahead of their time...


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